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Dual purpose furniture, convertible furniture for small spaces and multifunctional furniture give new meaning to the term “smart home.” Space-saving furniture and furniture that transforms into something else – like a standard height coffee table that lifts to become a desk, or a baby changing table that becomes a big kid dresser -- are perfect for stylish but small family homes and apartments..

Badroom Furniture ideas

Uncover master bedroom designs with these tips from Bassett Furniture. Learn to create a serene bedroom and learn what makes the perfect master bedroom..


Accent chair furniture makes the room! Here we look at the types of accent chairs and share living room accent chair ideas to amplify your style..

Patio furniture Ideas

Journey through art styles and examples, art styles throughout history, art movements and current art styles to better appreciate and understand various art forms..

Cofee Table Decoration

Nothing freshens a room like new coffee table decor ideas from a pro. Our stylist shares coffee table decorating ideas you'll want to try in your own home..

Small Bedroom Ideas

Small bedroom layout? Relax! These 5 tips from Bassett on how to set up your small-sized bedroom can help you create a space that looks bigger — not crowded — while feeling inviting and stylish.

Furniture Styles

Not sure which furniture style you like? The Bassett guide to traditional furniture styles and contemporary design can help you put a name to your favorites..

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